About Us


We're the Kind Kru. We are a ragtag crew of animals who despite our differences, call each other friends. We are all special in our own way and all have our own superpowers.  We are colorful and eccentric and march to the beat of our own drum...  but we are most alive when we dance together.

We celebrate friendship, kindness, and whimsy.  We want to make you smile and bring you a little extra dose of joy.

Each month we partner with a different non-profit and donate 10% of all online sales to help support their mission. For more information on this month's partnership click on the "Give Back" tab.  We will also be setting aside a percentage of all online sales and use it to sprinkle random acts of kindness or just make someones life a day a little lighter + brighter for a moment. Nothing crazy or revolutionary, just spreading a little whimsy and joy... one small act at a time. 

We can't wait to hear your awwwww-some stories (and we'll be sharing ours too on our insta account @thekindkru) Please share them with us by using the hashtag #kindkru

When you bring a Kind Kru member into your home you become an honorary member of the Kind Kru and we'll send you a little surprise to celebrate. The only catch? We encourage you to give it away. Brighten your barber's day. Make a stranger smile. Get a giggle from your Grandma. The world is your oyster. Have fun!


The Kind Kru. 

Inspiring small moments of kindness. 

A simple movement. 

Get a smile = Give a smile.